Waste and Septic Tanks

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Exposing a Few Septic System Misconceptions

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Problems with the septic system can be a stressful issue for any homeowner to encounter. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem, but many homeowners lack a thorough understanding about their septic systems. As a result, these homeowners may not be sure of what they should be doing to protect their homes against septic issues. To help you with this task, it may be beneficial to understand a few realities concerning some fairly common myths. Read More»

About Getting Professional Trash Removal Assistance

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Did you purchase a house that requires a large amount of renovation and cleaning? If you intend on slowly working on the project, you might want to invest in the services of a trash removal company. Take a look at this article for some helpful information about getting trash from your renovation project removed by professionals. A Large Dumpster Can Be Rented When working with a trash removal company, it is possible for a large dumpster to be rented. Read More»

Making Memories: Simple Home Improvement Projects With Heirloom Appeal

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Most parents have been known to occasionally lament the speed at which their children change from cuddly cherubs to young adults, busy with their own lives. Pictures, videos and a box full of keepsakes help families cherish these memories, but sometimes a more lasting tribute is needed. If you would like to document your children’s growth in a more permanent and visible way, the following home improvement projects are sure to provide heirloom appeal for generations to come. Read More»

Stinky Business Can Save You Money

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Per EPA rules, homeowners are fully responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of their septic infrastructure - if they have one, of course.  So, it is important to become familiar with your system, understand how it works, and learn how to prevent costly problems.  If you don’t know anything about your septic system and cannot even find its location within your property, your first preventive step should be contacting your local sanitation department so they can refer you to a competent inspector. Read More»